Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Don't be afraid of the.....tension assembly

People seem to fear dismantling a tension assembly.  I am not sure why.  Singer tension assemblies are easy.  They are pretty much the same among the older machines and it can't get much easier than the older ones with no numbered dial.  When I went back out to the toasty warm shop I had planned to shine up the machine and take photos.  I had forgotten about the tension assembly.
 Now some folks advise taking dental floss and cleaning the tension discs by flossing between them with it.  I just don't see how you can get an assembly really clean like that.  I mean how would flossing the tension discs get rid of that dust and lint?

I take photos as I go along.  By now I am fairly familiar with this Singer tension assembly.  I took some photos just the same.
I like seeing all the parts in the denatured alcohol bath.  Something about it makes me happy. 

 This makes me happiest.  I have not stitch tested the machine.  Only Wrigley made it to the shop.  Wilson is a bit timid traipsing through the snow to the shop.  I was worried that he might be waiting outside for me.  It is getting colder and he is a poodle after all.  No undercoat.  He's also a pretty skinny guy.  I had to come in the house.

But not before I took some photos of the finished product.


  1. Tension assemblies confuse me. Every. Time. It takes awhile, but I can usually get them back together. Eventually. I recently saved a Singer 66 from the dump and it was missing the tension spring for the assembly. I took apart a tension assembly from a White we scrapped long ago, and bent and tweaked it and twisted it until it would work. (quit shuttering! ;)) I am very stubborn and don't give up easy. It's not a good thing to tell me I can't do something, because I usually WILL find a way! ;) Looks nice!

  2. Love the old Singers. Looks great. I'd be terrified to take apart the tension assembly or much of anything, actually. BUT, I have to get over the fear. Too many machines to send out to someone else to work on. Happy New Year!

    1. Start with one on an Old Singer. Easy Peasy

  3. Love how it all looks in the alcohol bath, too! I also take a lot of photos- one each time I take something off. Thank goodness for digital photos! Laura