Saturday, January 12, 2013


It has been a while since I named a sewing machine.  I did at the beginning of this insanity but then lost track of machines and names and and and.

Today, as I finished up with this 201-2, the one with the broken motor lead I had re-soldered last week,   I muttered to myself "Back from the dead." 

Meet Lazarus

There is nothing too special about him; nice stitch, quiet motor, just like any other self-respecting Singer 201-2.  Though I have named this machine, I have not bonded with it at all.  It can move along to a new home any old time it wants.  In fact, I think that I will call D. when Steven gets home (he knows the number) and offer it up.

Here you can see a better shot of the SL Plate.  My friend Rain suggested on his blog ( that to restore the paint on the numbers you could put some gold paint over them and gently rub off the excess .  It worked pretty well.  I could make several applications and achieve better results.  I was hungry and decided to eat lunch instead.


  1. great friendly site, clear details on explanations--!! thank you.

  2. Have had this Lazarus sewing machine; for years. Its not broken but needs to be put back together. Can someone help me????

    1. yes i can help. working on one now as luck would have it