Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Too many machines

It has come time for me to unload some machines.  My family is celebrating this announcement.  I spent today cleaning up a 1924 Singer 66 that I found in Syracuse this winter.  I truly plan to sell it.  I truly do.
I had intended to sell a different 66 that is already to go. (The Singer next to the Kenmore 117, second from the left on the shelf)    I only paid ten bucks for it and it cleaned up so nicely. I love that machine.  Therein lies the problem.  Love.

This photo shows 16 machines.  (All of the cabinets you see are are empty. ) I love each one of them.  Well, maybe not the Kenmore 117 in the fore front on the shelf  and maybe not the Elna and Viking (in the cases in the forefront).  Oh and not that fiddle bed in the way back.  But that is four of the 16 that I don't love.  When I get to fixing and cleaning them, then I fall in love.  Well maybe not with that fiddle bed in the way back; it is missing its vital organs.
 Yet, I can say that I am not falling in love with today's 66.    It has a smaller hand wheel than the newer ones, just one half inch bigger than the handwheel on a 101. I think that looks odd.   The machine turns  nicely, but is in rough shape cosmetically.  The decals are worn; the shellac is dirty and flaking and she is rusty in some spots.  I can tell she was used well and often.  When I found her she was in a storage "locker" in the grandson's  Syracuse apartment building.  That was early on in my acquisition disorder.  Now I would pass this one by.  But since I have her, I am cleaning her up, fixing her up and putting her up for sale. 

I won't make any money on this machine.  I paid too much and I have spent hours already and have hours to go, and more investment (she needs a check spring) before she is functional.  What I will gain is experience and pleasure from cleaning and fixing her.  To me that is priceless.   The face plate  has scroll work and it cleaned up beautifully. 

Here it is before:

 Tune in another day for the after photo.

(Ok in the interest of full disclosure, there actually are 17 machines in the photo above. a Kenmore 117, a Singer 66, the White VS,  a Singer 15-91, two Singer 101s, a Singer 301 and the Fiddle bed VS, an Elna, a viking , a Singer 15-91, a Singer 15-90, a Singer 306K (ready to go if I can let it go), a Singer 185k,  a Singer 99-13,  A Singer 66 red head and a Kenmore 1752).

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