Sunday, August 21, 2011

grease on gears

I was trying to figure out how to time a Kenmore 158 today.  I took the cover off of the shuttle gear and found all of this grease.  Now to me, this is A LOT of grease.  But the machine runs smoothly and, as a friend reminded me, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL, so what the hell do I know?

This is what is underneath all of that goop.  I tried to adjust the timing on this machine,  It skips stitches and will not pick up the thread on the zig and sometimes on the zag.  It does afairly nice straight stitch, but skips stitches.    This is a problem since I was hoping to sell it.  I will figure it out, or else it will be another machine to go with me to Ray White's class.

Let's see, I have the Elna
The Generic Japanese Class fifteen
One of the 201s
 to take along.   Ambitious/  We shall see.


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  2. I just bought a vintage Viking and took the cover off the shuttle gear box to see if I could figure out why it wasn't turning......oh boy, lots of grease too, and the one gear, (looks just like your top picture) the one on the right that is vertical appears to be made out of plastic or something, which really surprised me being a vintage all-metal machine. My new plastic machine has metal gears.....what's with that? Anyway, the gear is shattered, no wonder it won't turn the shuttle... Now the big question, can I get that fixed? Guess I'll find out.... and find out if I can get some money back from the thrift store I bought it from!

    1. Carole, Go to Yahoo Groups and join the Vintage Viking Group (pre-1980s) and see what they can tell you about repairing that.