Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kenmore 158.84

Just before the year turned into 2011, I went to Western Mass to look at a Singer 319K.  I came home with it and this Kenmore.  The machine had not seen much use; it was pretty clean and shiny.   No foot came along, so I found one for it and tried her out.  I was pretty pleased with the stitch.  BUT  there is a broken cam inside. It will stitch a ss and a zz but the cams won't work in it.  Still it makes a pretty good stitch so I felt ok about the machine (I gave very little for it).  There was a "lot" of parts for this very machine on eBay and I was the lucky "winner."  When the package came, lo and behold, there was the part that I need.  So, this machine is going with me to the Ray White class in Ithaca in November.  Won't that be fun? 


  1. This looks like my machine's sister. It's an excellent machine but I took off that front plate (mistake) when I was cleaning it and unhooked something so the button knob and zig zag don't move the needle! Yikes! Help!!!

    1. Oh I did that when I first got this machine. I wish I could remember what I did to fix it. All I remember is that I knew I had done something really catastrophic and kept muttering "Oh no , Oh No.." I finally, miraculously got it back together. Then I named the machine Yoko.