Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Singer 185K

I had wanted a 185K for a while.  I found one on Craigslist in Asheville, NC.  Why would I look there?  Well, Mom lives near by and Alice was going for a visit.  I had schemed a plan to have Mom and Alice go get it last Christmas when Alice was down for a visit. Alice would take it home with her and  I would then pick it up when I went to Chicago last March.  When I spoke to the nice gentleman in North Carolina, he advised that he would not hold it for me "These things happen they way they are supposed to happen."

It so happened that I did not get that machine.
Instead I found this little darling in Syracuse this summer.  Syracuse is a whole lot closer.  Betsy and I were going up anyway to see if we could get some help with her Elna (I think it was an Elna) so I figured what the heck.
 I have a fair amount of experience with this type of machine.  It is similar to the 99 and 66.  I cleaned and oiled her up in no time.  The case is deteriorating a bit.  The plastic is not holding up well.  Still she sews very nicely. 

Not bad for a fifteen dollar machine, eh?


  1. That is what I call a bargain!!!

    You can glue some small cuts of a square wood dowel rod into the base of the carrying case to stabilize the machine.

    I paid $25 for my 185J. The original green carrying case is in good shape & the machine doesn't rock in the base. I wanted a 185 because I thought it was a cute machine, even though (at the time) I didn't see the need to own a straight stitch machine.

    It sat unused for a long time until I cleaned & oiled it. I made some fleece dogs toys with it & now it's one of my favorite machines! I love that the feed dogs are so close together & I can easily sew a tight 1/8 or 3/16 inch seam allowance on it. I love it's size, shape, color & the mechanical sound it makes while stitching. I'd like to sew on a Singer 99 to see if they sound different, but I'll never part with my 185J. It's a great little machine.

  2. Just got one for &3 at and auction, need only rod to hold spool of thread.