Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tidy workspace and wiring the 15-91

I must confess, the photo in the last post was "dressed up for the camera."  I tend to be messy and the truth is my workshop looks like this:

As you can see it is quite messy.  That is the White VS on her side on the bench.

I recommend a tidy work space.  It helps.  Today I took a break from the boat anchor and went back to fixing the 15-91.  I have her all ready to reassemble.  I just need to repair some wiring.

So I practiced soldering.  And practiced and practiced until now I feel pretty good about my ability to truly get the wire hot enough to melt the solder and make a nice tidy (there's that word again) joint.

Since I feel so confident, I ventured into the innards of a potted motor of the 15-91.  I got as far as removing the coil and stopped.  The wires looked ok and those soldered joints to the ends of the brush covers looked too fragile for me to be tugging on the coil.  So I cleaned out the gunk and put her back together.

One thing that I did not see in the adjuster's manual.  When you are replacing the spiral gear on the shaft of the motor, it is hard to align it.  I took off a cap screw ,stuck a small screw driver through the opening and, voila, alignment!
Of course before I put the armature back into the housing, I cleaned it all off as directed in the adjuster's manual.  Since the copper would not come clean with a soft, dry cloth, I used a common rubber eraser. 

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