Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Off topic...Wrigley

Wrigley is a "labradoodle" that came to us three years ago from New Rochelle.  He needed a new home because, at 9 months old, he was too rambunctious for the brand new baby.  So he joined Frannie and Wilson here in the country.     He does not shed, fortunately, but that is about where his kinship to the poodle ends.  He walks like a lab, "talks" like a lab,  plays like a lab, is solid like a lab and he smells like a lab; especially when wet.   I prefer to think of him as a mixed breed, but he truly is a designer dog.  His mother was a first generation labradoodle; his father a standard poodle.  That makes Wrigs an F1B labradoodle.  Whatever he is, he is a great dog and I adore him.

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