Saturday, August 27, 2011

That'll be Fifty Bucks, Ma'am.

I refinished this cabinet and as long as I had the machine out, I decided to clean it and oil it.  Then I tried stitching with it; skipped stitches.  I could not get it to sew without skipping stitches.   I tried a new needle, a new bobbin and even a new bobbin case and a new hook.  It just would not stitch on the zig.  And it skipped stitches on the ss as well.  Betsy told me it was a timing problem.  But I could not figure out how to loosen the hook.  So today we had a date to work on timing this machine.  When I got to her house and got set to demonstrate the lousy stitches, Betsy reached over and pushed down on the presser foot pressure regulator.  Bingo.  That will be fifty bucks, ma'am.

So I was planning to sell this machine.  Now I love it.  See?  It's a sickness, it really is.


  1. I will try this again, now that I think I know what I am doing. Hope you are doing well. Glad the zig problem is solved A

  2. Oh, you are so like me. I pick machines up at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and craigslist. I make them all better and then I can't let them go!!! I am enjoying your blog. You are a BRAVE girl! Much braver than I.

  3. Oh god.. Reading this blog is like an insight into where I'm heading with my obsession. I love these old machines. Watching those intricate mechanical parts whir around perfectly after refurbishing some old goodwill find is what I live for these days. So far, I've managed to keep my "on-hand" supply of machines to about 3, but I would have a house full of them if it weren't for my wife. I've tried to get her into it, but she just doesn't see the beauty in them that I do.

    1. Good for you Darren. My husband just told me "I have 110 dollars in that cobbler machine you are thinking of selling." I offered to keep it. He told me he has no emotional attachment to any of them. When I die, they are all going, except the 401 I learned to sew on. I guess that one holds some meaning for him