Saturday, August 13, 2011

I really should re-wire the light

I have re-wired one of these lights before.  I am glad I did.  But the "keeper" rings on the light fixture are a bear to get off and on.  I would prefer not to do it.  So I cheated and for now, until I can decide to delve into that frustration again, or just buy a new light from SEW CLASSICS, I did a patch job.

First I clipped the ring off and then stripped the insulation back.

Then I made a new ring from some AWG 16 G SPT2 stranded wire.  I have some 18 AWG SPT 1 but it seems thinner than what was there.  So I went with the thicker stuff. 

Then I soldered that.  Now this may have been a less than stellar idea, but it worked.

Then I braided the old and the new.  I like the way this looks. You can really see the braid.  Please note the piece of yellow tape.  That signifies that this once had a yellow tab on it from the factory.  What isn't seen in this picture is the hump near the proximal (closer to the body) end of the joint.  That will show up later.

Two things here:  The hemostat holding the white wire out of the way.  This way I don't have to worry about accidentally heating it up, too. The other thing, when i was soldering the bradied joint, I worried that my ring might de-solder.  It didn't.  But I think I may have to re-think this method

I moved the heat shrink down and hit it with the hairdryer and that was when ......

....the bump appeared.  It sort of looks like an undigested mouse in a snake, yes?

Still there are no bare wires and until I become more skilled, this will have to do.  I see that the white wire is aging and I am resigned to trying to find a decent tool to try to get those rings off of that light.

Or maybe I will just order one and spend the time working on the boat anchor.  Maybe I will name that White Popeye.

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