Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can this sewing machine be saved? continued

 This is a photo of the feed dog lifter mechanism on my White VS.  The purpose of this photo is to show how dirty it was.  By the time I took this photo I had already cleaned  the shuttle mechanism and the feed dogs themselves.  I had not intended to take this apart but it was just so dirty.  I had to.

In this photo you can see the  spring wire mechanism extending from a screw on the machine to the feed dog lifter.  This was the piece that I thought I had broken, but Steven figured out it was simply unhooked.  WHEW.  Just try to find that obscure one hundred year old part out there.

This is the other end.  When I first looked at this part I thought that there was a whole lot of lint stuck in there.  This is a common error.  That "lint" is a wick.  It keeps the moving parts lubricated.  I think that could be why this machine still turned so smoothly.
Nice a clean and shiny now.  
There is still some adjusting to do.  I found that the feed dogs did not lift after I had re-assembled this.  After studying the "before" photo, I succeeded in making some adjustments.  It isn't perfect, but that is for another day.
In this photo you can really see the "wick" (if that is what it is).  It looks like a square nut but it really is soft, almost like leather.  I will clean up the metal parts sme more but I am leaving that alone.  Perhaps a gentle swab with a q-tip drenched in sewing machine oil is in order, but no vigorous scrubbing with kero.

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