Thursday, August 18, 2011


I cruise eBay daily.  I have purchased four machines on eBay that I had shipped to me.  Two I had to send back.  The packing was pretty bad and the machines broke in transit.  I lost some money, but learned a lesson.  It is best to avoid buying heavy, fragile (yes they are) machines on eBay unless you can pick them up, or  you know that the sender is a really really good packer.   So I search within 100 miles of my zip code.
Broken stitch selector on Kenmore 158.1030.
I do, however, buy parts on eBay and today I "won" an auction for a "lot" of 206 parts.  The Tale of the 206K is coming up. In it you will learn about compulsion, blind obsession,  denial and charity.  Check back later.  I will have photos and the story.  


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  2. So sorry you had a bad experience on ebay. I have sold some sewing machines and really try hard to pack them up well. I always double box, lots and lots of padding. Sometimes I take spool pins off and write directions how to put them back on. Not all ebay sellers are bad. All of my sewing machine customers have commented on how well I pack my items. Hope you have some better ebay experiences! AFPTL

    1. You are so CORRECT that not all eBay sellers are bad. I recently received a gorgeous 158.1040 that I bought on eBay. it was so well packed!!!! The case is pristine and the machine arrived in perfect condition. The seller used foam insulation boards to pack it! WOW. I have saved all of that packing to recycle when I ship my next machine.