Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The obsession continues

I truly had wanted to stop chasing sewing machines.  I am incurable.  Today I drove 200 miles round trip (it isn't THAT far) to look at two machines; a Singer 15-91 and a Singer 66 Red Head.  The danger with driving so far to "l@@k" at machines, is that I tend to buy them just because I went so far.  Today was the exception.  Oh I bought both machines, but they were in very good condition and well worth the time and fuel to fetch them.  So it did not matter than I had stars in my eyes the minute I saw these machines. 

These were family machines and I bought them from a very lovely family.   Nancy and her three daughters are the kind of women I would love to have as friends.  Lucky me that I have these machines.  Ellie was Nancy's aunt and Rosie was her mom.  She suggested that I name the machines and I have. 

The White VS is going back on the shelf so that I can clean and oil these two and get sewing.

What a lovely day I had.

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  1. Rosie and Ellie are both lovely machines. Were they both that clean when you brought them home? I collect sewing machines. Of course the ads always say they are in good working order, but most times a machine is dirty and starving for oil.