Saturday, August 13, 2011

Can this sewing machine be saved?

Since then I have acquired (not collected, there is a difference) many sewing machines.  This past spring,as Steven was returning from Vermont trip, he stopped in at a Junque dealer.  The dealer showed him a couple of nice machines, but at 100 bucks each, Steven told him they were a bit high.  "I am pretty sure she wouldn't want to spend more than $25. "  The dealer showed him one more.  Steven said"let me guess, $25?"  So This white Vibrating shuttle came home, complete with a treadle cabinet in rough shape.

At first I thought it was missing the shuttle and bobbin.  I found those in a drawer.  Which is a good thing.  This unique shuttle has a post in the center.  They are not easy to find.

OK.  So I am determined to try to clean up this machine and get her stitching since my sweet man thought of me and brought her home.  I don't want to discourage his enabling activity.

Speaking of enabling, Steven has a very nice shop.  He got tired of the smell of liquid wrench in the living room so he partitioned off part of his very nice shop for me.  Here is my lovely workbench.  He also was tired of the way I stored my tools.  The toolbox you see is a present from him.  I am a lucky woman.  He tolerates my sewing machines and the three dogs.

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  1. Hello Elizabeth,
    Your Steven is a wonderful guy! Not only does he acquire sewing machines on your behalf, he also gave you space and a tool box in his workshop. Holy smokes...I'm impressed!

    What is the difference between acquired and collected?