Sunday, August 28, 2011

Re-wiring a light

These lights are fairly easy to re-wire. Since the body of the light is pressure fitted, it is as simple as getting it apart and turning four screws; two in the light itself and two in the plug.  Now that I have the 66 cleaned I thought I had better figure out the light.   Using a small straight slot screw driver I pried the housing apart at the spot indicated by the black line in the photo.  There is a corresponding spot on the opposite side I pried there, too.

This is how it came apart.  

The switch was broken but functional.  I decided that I had to figure out something to slip over that metal prong.  See the little nut?  I used tweezers to remove that. The ceramic body came apart quite easily.
I needed something to slip over that flat, metal piece.  I found some plastic tubing from an old soap dispenser pump, cut off a small piece and glued it in place.
Pretty nice tidy wiring, eh?  Since the original wiring had that little knot I decided to tie one as well.

I found a washer in the ice cube tray where I keep my parts( an attempt at staying organized).  I had no idea where it belonged.  Fortunately I had another light and figured it out.   I took this photo so that I would understand how the pieces fit back together.  I still managed to mount the light backwards (see previous post).   I had forgotten to crimp the light back together before I mounted the light.  I think that is where I got confused.
It is just a matter of pressing the two sides back together.  Easier said than done.  I found that pressing them together and twisting helped and then, snap, it was together.
 I apologize for this unfocused photo.   I had to undo this wiring because I mounted the light backwards.  Easy Peasy, and the re-wire job was neater.  Sorry, no photo.  You will just have to trust me on that.

Each time I wire something and the fuse doesn't blow and the thing actually works, JOY.

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