Monday, December 12, 2011

You gotta see this
This is a great tutorial on how to wire. Enough said.


  1. I repeat. Such a interesting blog! Tell me, the sewing machines with potted motor are rare? I think so. I've got a singer model 101 of 1928. Can you belive than somebody thrown this machine to the junk depot? But I bought it for a few mexican pesos. $180 ± $13 dollars and it works :)

  2. No. the sewing machines with the potted motors (15-91, 201, 101) are not rare. All Singers. Good for you with the 101. Do you have the manual? It is the only Singer Sewing machine that shows how to service the motor in the user's manual.

  3. Yes, I downloaded it from
    And I don't understand, do you say than all the singers are rare?
    Do you have a big collection of sewing machines?

    1. NO I meant that the 15-91, 201 and 101 are all Singers. Singers are not rare. The vintage machines last forever so they are quite common