Friday, December 2, 2011

Installing a 301 in a cabinet

How do you get this machine...
Into that cabinet??

Start with the cradle:
 The 301 has no 'hinge holes" in the base of the machine.  The cradle provides the structure to attach to the hinges.
set screw as seen from beneath the cradle
Hinge hole

Hinge in the hole as seen from underneath
From the top

Hinges at home
Brackets for the front of the cradle.  NECESSARY

Cradle installed

Cradle attached to front brackets

Lining up machine with male end on cradle

Placing the front.  Pushing down the spring

Spring engaged.



  1. Lovely,I just did this to my 301 this weekend! Wish I had seen your post earlier! My cabinet was sold to me as a Necchi cabinet but the size was right so I was going to wing it. As it turned out when I got it home it was a singer cabinet with front clips for the 301 already in it so I just had to pop in my cradle and call it a day!

  2. I simply love your blog. It is so informative and a joy to read. After looking at my 301A, I think it is missing (I think,) what is called the cradle. Guess I'll be searching for that in yard sales and thrift shop endavors. Bonnie from Northeast FL.

  3. I am cleaning a 301 I bought, the presser bar was stuck, clean check back in place. I also took out the needle thumbscrew and the assembly, the thread guide of the needle clamp fell out before I looked at it closely. I 'think' I put it back in 'the right way' but I am not entirely sure. Would you be so kind and take a closeup picture of it? I want to make sure I have it right :)

  4. Laritza....this same thing just happened to me and I can't figure out how to get the wire thread guide and needle clamp back on the post!!!

    1. The problem with computer mouse, if it is positioned incorrectly bad things can happen I inadvertently rejected kch's comment. Here it is cut and pasted.

      I figured it out...must use thumbnail to hold the wire thread guide in place inside the needle clamp as you slide it onto the post :)