Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE.  Such was the advice of my guitar teacher when I was a kid.  We all know that I did not practice because I have not been to Carnegie Hall.  I have been practicing soldering.

I used the forsaken motor.  As you can see the wire to one of the brush holders is beginning to fray and the connection is definitely in peril .  I wanted to practice working in this small space and I wanted to see how close I would have to work to the field core.  Pretty close, but it did not get hot.  Here you see that the "original" repair is almost desoldered.  I tried to free the white wire up some more, but could only get about another 1/4 inch freed up.  
I apologize that the wires are out of focus.   I'm an amateur.  I had about one half inch of wire.  It was not flexible and I had to use a hemostat to help me make the mechanical connection.

This is my whole set up:  At the bottom of the photo you can just see the hemostat holding the wire steady.  With the motor up on blocks I have plenty of room to get underneath the wires and solder.  I have the alligator clip there as a "heat sink" to keep the heat from traveling to the field core.  That is not an original idea.  I am following Rain's advice (
Again, sorry for the blurred photo.  Here it is after soldering:
 The black lead was easier for me.  I had more original wire and the mechanical connection was, therefore, easier to make.
I am surprised how easy the actual soldering is.  I guess I am now ready to solder the "good" motor.  After working with this one for the past few days, I see how much better that other one is.  Maybe one day I will have a running 201. 

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