Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bobbin case on older Singer 66

Earlier this week I posted a link on the Yahoo group WEFIXIT  to my blog post about how to remove the bobbin case on my Singer 66-16.  Bill Holman, a very knowledgeable and well respected OSMG, commented that folks with older Singer 66s would not be able to remove the bobbin case or position bracket based on those directions.

So tonight I photographed the bobbin case and position bracket  on Irene, my Singer 66 Red Head.  Here is how that bobbin case comes out.

You can see that the "finger" on this bracket  is much heftier than the one on the 66-16 and is not flexible at all.  See the screw in front of the feed dog?

You have to remove that to remove the position bracket to get out the bobbin case  on these older Singer 66s.

 There was a comment made, on the WEFIXIT , that it is not necessary to remove the feed dogs (cats) to remove the bobbin case.   I can see that is true from this photo.  Still it might make it easier, especially if the dogs (cats) are packed with lint or the bobbin case is particularly dirty. ( I don't think that is really rust on that screw, I think it is just dried oil...  oh the truth comes out with digital photography.)

Another thing to notice in this photo is the oil wick.  It is that piece of red felt that looks like lint.  I oil that with every bobbin change.  I use Tri Flow and I just confirmed (again on WFI) that this is an appropriate lubricant.

The screw driver I am using is authentic Vintage Singer, I believe.  It is authentic Vintage, for sure.  It came with one of my authentic Vintage machines and I see them for sale on eBay.  I am lucky that I have several that came "free" with my old machines.

Working on sewing machines makes me happy.  Sewing on this treadle makes me happy.  I wish my day job made me this happy. 


  1. Thanks for the info, and I agree; wish I could just work with and on old SMs. Kim

  2. Thank you. The instructions I'm reading indicate I have to remove the feed dogs...I'm hoping to avoid it. I have three 66 machines - a 1923 handcrank, a 1930 treadle, and a "I forgot what year it is" electric. The bobbin area in each one is a little bit different.

  3. I removed the oil wick from a 66-16, not realizing what it was...how do I get it back in?

    1. I don't know. Whenever I find one without a wick, I stuff some spool felt in there.

  4. Ok I got it all out, now how do I get it back in ha ha! I may be up all night...

  5. Ok I figured it out! Thank heaven you took photos, cuz I didn't. That'll learn me ;)

  6. Thank you SO much for these photos and info. Between another blogger and you, I have given new life to my Mother's (RIP) 1916 Singer 66. :)