Sunday, December 18, 2011

Class 15 Clone, contd

When I was working on Herald (The class 15 Clone) last week the knob would not release.  I thought that perhaps the stop motion washer was in backwards, so I changed it around.  Nope, that wasn't the problem.  So then I turned it 180 degrees.  Still no better.  So then I concluded that the shaft was gummed up.  Today I found out that that was not the case, either.  I took the handwheel off, again, and examined the shaft, it looked fine.  Then I examined the bushing.  It looked soiled so I cleaned and oiled it,  as I did the washer.  Still not much better.  So then I sanded the bushing with very fine emery cloth again and again and again.   Each time it felt a bit better until I finally declared it done when the handwheel spun smoothly when not constrained by the washer or the motor.  Every time I would put the belt on the handwheel and the motor and tried it by hand , the needle would go up and down when the clutch was released.     I gave up,  plugged the sucker in and, voila it worked.  Who knows what was going on.  As Ray White would say "Magic"

When I tested the machine last week it would  suddenly slow right down when I had it up to full power.  It does not do that now.  I think this machine will be a keeper.  I really like the cabinet, which, for the holidays, is in the upstairs bathroom.  I like the stitch and I have a feeling it will sail through many layers of quilted fabric.  If I ever get back to machine quilting, I will need a good strong machine like that.

My sewing loft does not look like this now, at all.  I wish it did.  I am itching to get back to quilting.  I have been having fun this year with the find, fetch and fix.  But the whole idea is to sew, right?  The problem, as Betsy points out, is that when I sew, I miss wrenching on the machines.  When I work on machines, I miss sewing.  It could be worse.  I could be bored.

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