Saturday, December 24, 2011

Singer 201

Steve and I went to Syracuse just after the first of this year to fetch a Kenmore 158.1760.  While there we picked up this 201:

I knew enough, then, to be able to identify this as a 201.  I did not know enough to leave it behind.  The wiring is a mess.  Originally I thought that someone had tried to fix a  crack in the body because of the goopy stuff running down the pillar onto the serial number plate.  Later I learned that this was liquified wire insulation.

Here you can see that the wires are bare.  The insulation succumbed to over oiling.  It liquified and seeped out of the motor onto the machine.  I am pretty lucky.  This looks bad but I believe that I can repair it.  I am following another blog ( ) and Rain is posting a series of tutorials on how to re-wire this very motor

I have to wait for the post about actually soldering new leads to these existing bare wires.  I  thought I might get to some soldering today.  No go.  The wood stove in the shop smoked too much and I just could not work in there.  This motor is apart and I don't want to handle it anymore than I have to because I don't want the wires that connect to the motor brushes to break.

So I wait for the next tutorial.  I did clean the armature today, though

I also panicked a little.  In reading one of Rain's posts, he mentioned a fiber washer that lives on the shaft of the armature.  I never noticed it when I pulled the armature and I looked for it earlier today.  I thought it was gone.  I looked again and it was there.  WHEW.  It is a little bit of a thing.  See Rain's  blog ( for a better description and photo.

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