Sunday, December 11, 2011

Class 15 Clone

Macy's Own Herald
I bought this machine about a year ago for 15 bucks.  That does not include the fuel spent driving to fetch it.  I love the cabinet.  The machine looks pretty strong but the check spring is broken and I just hadn't gotten around to fixing it.  Today I had to rearrange some furniture (i.e. machines ) to make room for the Christmas tree and the gang we expect for the holidays.  Steven suggested that I move some machines out.  Out where, I wondered?  The shop is chock full as is the sewing loft.  I got creative and moved some things around.  I did take this machine to the shop.  I plan to pop a new check spring in it and see how it sews.  I think it might be a good one.  The cabinet is under the serger.   I will have to put that somewhere eventually, maybe the bathroom.

I have not bought or acquired a sewing machine in more than a month.  (I don't think sergers count as sewing machines)  I wonder if  that might mean I am in recovery?  I sold one machine two weeks ago and have given another away.  A friend plans to come out after Christmas and get one for her daughter in law.  I don't have the panic that I used to feel when I would think about letting go of a machine.  Actually I am looking forward to off loading some of these.  Mostly I am excited that they will get used.

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