Monday, December 19, 2011

The Sewing Machine Museum

Wilcox and Gibbs; Howe (Singer Coffin Top); Wheeler and Wilson all in their garages

I am sorry that these machines are all tucked away.  Stay tuned for more posts on the museum progress.  We had to move some furniture so that there would be room for the Christmas Tree.  These machines ended up here and I took one look at that big, blank wall and thought to myself SHELVES.  

Steven is into it.  He even agreed to move some books from some shelves in the "museum" to house some machines.  The problem with the extant shelves, too short......  So here he is measuring to determine 1) Where the studs are and 2) how much room we have.  (7 feet).  I want to put shelves all the way to the ceiling.   He isn't too keen on that idea.  We just have to see how many we can fit.  I do have to be able to remove the tops, don't forget.

Maybe this will be my Holiday present.........along with the new Delonghi steam iron.....  

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