Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sometimes you gotta let go.

Sometime last winter I googled vintage sewing machine and landed on  Now, those of you who are not sewing machine fanatics might not appreciate the sentiment expressed by Mr. Lamoureaux,  but I laughed out loud.

I am somewhere between phase four and phase five.   I have yet to sell my computerized sewing machine, I doubt that I will, but I won't fix it again. 

I was working on this machine last night when I buggered up a set screw in the presser foot bar.  I did not think that I gave the screw driver that much torque but the screw broke.  I was able to get it out and I  MIGHT have a replacement.  I was so intent on cleaning it up that I did not take serial photos of how it came apart.  Uh oh.  This may be bound for Otsego metal crushes.  Don't tell Steve. 

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