Saturday, September 24, 2011

Self made wire ring connectors.

 I am offering this information with the intent of sharing.  I am not a professional and you can try these suggestions totally at your own risk. 

As I mentioned previously,  I saw this idea on    My Sewing Machine Addiction ( She made her own ring connectors from the end of the wire.  I thought I would try it.

First I scored the insulation between the two wires:
 So that I could pull the two wires apart a little bit:
And then as far as I think I need to separate it:
Then I estimated about how big the ring needed to be:

And stripped off that much insulation:
 Then I twisted the wires to make a "braid" and wound that around a pencil end:
 To make a ring:
Then I twist that end around to make a nice tidy mechanical connection.
I recommend checking to make sure that your ring fits.
If it doesn't, you can shape it with the pencil again. Now time to solder.
Remember to heat the wire and let the solder run onto the wire and saturate the joint and coat the whole ring.  Heat rises, gravity helps the solder run into the joint.
 I forgot to put the shrink wrap on before I made the ring.  I recommend in a true application, you not forget.   Be sure to position the shrink wrap far away from the heat source so it doesn't shrink prematurely.
 I understand that shrink wrap is not great protection if you need it for abrasion protection.  I think in this application it should be fine.

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