Sunday, September 25, 2011

Singer 403..The hook stayed home

I worked on the 403 today and decided NOT to take out the hook.  There are instructions on vintage singers but I just did not have the gumption to take it out.  If it doesn't stitch I will accept the challenge, but maybe at the Ray White class.
 Fortunately the throat plate lever on this machine worked perfectly so it just popped right off.  The feed dogs came out readily, as well.  But I did not know how to remove the bobbin case.  I guess I did not do it on the 401 when I cleaned her out, or else, I forgot.  That would not surprise me.

 I referred to the 401 manual.  To remove the bobbin case, all you have to do is slip the position bracket to the right and lift out the bobbin case.

 I did that and cleaned and scrubbed and scraped all the crud out from in and around the hook.  But I left that hook alone.  I never noticed that piece of red lint in the bobbin case.  These photos really magnify detail.  I did notice it when I was cleaning the bobbin case:
I was able to remove it with the help of a dental pick that my wonderful dental hygienist gave to me.  What a fine instrument that is.  Perfect for getting into these very tight clearances. 

I imagine the machine would not have stitched well with that lint trapped in there.
Speaking of clearances, next on my list of tools to purchase is a set of feeler gauges. 

I am now the lucky "winner" of a manual and some accessories for the 403.   Stayed up to watch the countdown on eBay.  Now I can go to bed.


  1. Hi there,

    A friend of mine just gave me a Singer 457 which looks very similar to this. I'd love to get it working but the bobbin case keeps lifting up and jamming the machine. Have you seen this happen before?

    Thanks, Olly

    1. Make sure that the area is clean and well oiled. You may benefit from a manual. Some can be found online