Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to service and clean a Singer 66..the hook again

Replacing the hook
Replacing the hook is easy.  Simply place it back into the shaft from where it came and secure it at the base of this shaft with the oscillating hook crank and its screw.  The pencil indicates the screw which is attached to the OH crank.  You can see that the bottom of the hook shank is seated all the way into the crank.  That is important. Otherwise the hook will sit up too high at the top of the machine. (You can also see that the bobbin case and the bobbin case position bracket have been replaced.  That can only mean one thing, this machine has been re-timed already. I realized that I had put the hook back before I took photos so I just took a few things off for the purpose of demonstration )
 At this point I do not tighten the screw completely.  I want the hook to be able to rotate easily.  We will time it with the needle later.  I HAVE BEEN ADVISED TO WARN INEXPERIENCED SEWING MACHINE MECHANICS THAT THIS MAY BE TOO COMPLICATED TO DO.  However, if you did not heed my earlier warning, better follow closely.  I actually think it is pretty straight forward.  I had all of three months experience with meching on a sewing machine when I did this for the first time.  And that machine had no timing marks.  I guess I did not know it was supposed to be so hard.  

 Next place the oscillating hook connecting link on the stud of the OH crank.
And tighten the screw. 

Replacing Feed raising bar rollers

Here the pencil points to where the roller on the feed raising bar fits.  The forked portion of this piece fits over the other roller.  

Like this:

Line it up and replace its screw and tighten.  Note the very professional looking screw driver.  I love my Brownell Bits and driver.  Thank you, Rain!!!

Now everything is back where it belongs underneath.  Oil the oil ports ath this time.  Just one drop will do.

Next, chapter we will put the presser bar and all its associated parts back. 

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