Monday, September 12, 2011

How to service and clean a Singer 66..bobbin case again

 Replacing Bobbin case position bracket and bobbin case

Now that the hook is timed we can replace the Oscillating Hook bobbin case position bracket  and oscillating hook bobbin case ((heretofore known as the position bracket and bobbin case )

When cleaning the position bracket I just clean it with rubbing alcohol and try my best to get all the nooks and crannies clean.  I also want to keep that wick as intact as possible.  In my experience (limited to 11 months, I might add) these wicks are pretty shot, if not absent. When Mary and I cleaned her 99k over Labor day weekend I was shocked to see how large it really is supposed to be.
 Now I am on the hunt for some suitable alternative.  Someone on one of the forums suggested using the felt from a spent highlighter pen.  Not a bad idea.

When replacing position bracket the don’t forget to loosen its set screw seen in this photo.  If you don’t you might not get the position bracket completely seated on the hook. 

 Tighten the set screw. When seated properly you should be able to lift the finger up and out of the grove and rotate the position bracket to the right

With the position bracket finger lifted up and to the right   the bobbin case slips in pretty easily.  I admit that I have to fiddle with it to get it to go in but all of a sudden it just slides in.  I am sure there is a trick to it.  Don’t forget to slide the finger back into its groove after you seat the bobbin case.
I did not touch that screw, I promise.

 We can replace the feed dogs now.  Screw them back into place but don’t tighten the screw completely.  We will need to adjust the height later, after we replace the  needle plate.

I was advised that the height of the feed dogs should be flush with a dime when placed next to them on the needle plate.  It seems to work so I continue to use that as my gauge.  I lost my dine, so no photos today.  Adjust the feed dogs to the proper height and tighten the feed dog screw.

Next.... replacing the presser bar.


  1. Thank God for you and this article, lol! I took mine apart and couldn't get it back together!

  2. Having some trouble seeing how I can remove the position bracket. From the looks of it there is she type of pin which doesn't rotate when you rotate the bracket to the right and it looks like I should be able to tap tap tap it up from the bottom but everything is all pretty gummed up on my machine so I'm not sure if its just stuck from gunk or if its not supposed to be removed like that... You see, I went overboard removing lint and removed most the oil wick... Doh... I also didn't touch that screw ;)

    1. There is another post about removing the older type of bobbin case that may help you:

  3. Please help! I am restoring a singer 66 redeye treadle. It had more rust than I originally thought. I am trying to do the bobbin case and I CANNOT get the screw out that holds the pressure bar. I have tried liquid wrench, break free, tried tapping on it, and a lot of swearing and praying. Any ideas? I have had suggestions of using Coke or heating it. I don't seem to be able to get at the bottom of the screw. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. Oil and heat and repeat. A large dose of patience helps too.