Monday, September 5, 2011

Post-Mortem, almost

As you can see, I need more room.  This sewing machine came home with me from Betsy's one day last spring.  I thought that I might try to do something with it.  If it weren't for this white Rotary treadle,   I would still be trying to revive that old White VS treadle that Steven bought in Vermont.  When looking to scam a part from this machine, I found that I don't have any appropriate tension parts for the VS. 

The needle does not go up and down.

This critter nest helped me decide that it was time to let this one go.  I do believe that this nest was in the machine when it followed Betsy home, originally.  That stuff is pretty dry and there was no smell.  Even so, I still had trouble and I have moved it only as far as the barn.  It is not yet in the trash shed.  The sewing machine itself (without the nest) is still in my shop.  It is filthy, as filthy as its cousin. I may want to try to salvage the foot, at least.  Too bad the tension won't fit the VS.

I hate to do it.  I really do. I need the room, I really do.  I need to focus on the other 38 machines that I  need to fix, I really do. 


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  1. I briefly looked at the 99 tutorial. The pictures seem clear and informative but my eye is not trained for that kind of sewing machine detail. I like the picture of the pooches. I will send some of agility camp, but won't have them for awhile. The photographer was busy all day and I am sure it will be a lot of work to sort through pictures of 50 dogs!! That nest in
    the machine is something. A