Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self control

Today I drove to the middle of no where, really.  I live in rural New York and today I drove even further into rural NY.  There was a Necchi Super Nova Julia 534 advertised on Craigslist and I drove to the middle of a state forest to look at it.  I knew that the wiring was bad and that the motor did not fire up.  I still went.  It took me about an hour and I did drive over some flood damaged roads  and some dirt roads.  The garmin wanted me to take a questionable route, so I followed the Gazeteer.  Originally the land was a farm, now it is a forest.  I love nature.

The machine turned freely.  The wiring was a mess.  The power cord looked unique with four pins.  There was no way to salvage it since it is a molded piece.  I knew that I did not want to bring home another project.  Not for forty bucks.  She would not budge on her price.  eBay influence I am certain.  So, if she does list it on eBay I will watch it.  Would I take the 35 mile trek out there again to buy it?  Sure for five bucks.

Now.  I know nothing about Necchi..  Maybe forty bucks is a deal for a non working vintage Necchi Super Nova Julia 534.  But it isn't to me.  Steven is proud of me.  "Way to show some self control, honey."


  1. I'm proud of you, had 2 supernova's one I gave away to a friend and another I sold on ebay. too many steps and it didn't sew any better then my Kenmores, and they are much easier. You did good girlfriend. tobsmf2

  2. I have one, you are better off. I am not a big fan of vintage Necchi or Pfaffs. Every one I have gotten my hands on had big problems, especially if that had not been used for awhile. Love your blog!
    Gwen, the vintage seamstress