Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to service and clean a Singer 66..Presser bar

 Before we can remove the hook, the presser bar needs to come up, if not out, to allow for room to pull the hook up and out.  The needle bar can be rotated high enough, but the presser bar must be manually removed.

This is how Rosie looked before I started buggering her up.  The screw that holds the presser bar tight is a set screw.  The other screw merely holds the thread guide in place.  It had been slightly damaged before I got to it.  But I managed to do some more harm.  I'll tell you why later


First remove the thumb screw that adjusts the presser pressure.  If this screw does not come out easily squirt some LW down in there and WAIT.  I have used my pliers, wrapped with a heavy material, leather is preferred, to get it started, but if it doesn't twist easily, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT.  Sometimes applying some heat helps, too.  I use a hair dryer on high heat but low blower.  Be Very careful if you use pliers.  It is recommended that you glue leather to pliers and keep those in your tool kit.  I haven't done it yet.  This weekend.....

First I removed the thread cutter from the presser bar.  Some LW and gentle persuasion with your wrapped pliers will twist that off.  Of course, the foot should be off as well and its thumb nut. 

 I loosened the set screw that keeps the presser bar tight and then  removed the presser bar, spring and washer. This was my first mistake.  I should have taken the thread guide off FIRST.   Keeping the presser bar in place keeps everything firm and allows for good counter pressure when trying to loosen that screw.  I could not get a good purchase on it without the presser bar in place.  When I finally figured that out, and replaced the presser bar, I was able to get the torque I needed to loosen that screw.  By then, the damage was done.  Now I know.  I just hope I remember...

This photo shows how the screws looked originally.  I  am trying to vindicate myself, here.  I wasn’t entirely to blame.  I might have to scrounge around on a doner machine for a nice looking screw. Note how the set screw is back in its hole in the needle bar lifter mechanism.

So now that we have the presser bar up and out and the thread guide off, finally, we can remove the hook.

That is for tomorrow.  I haven't checked Craig's List yet today.


  1. I know this is an older post but I am so desperate for help. My presser bar is stuck frozen solid in the up position. I also managed to "bugger up" the exact same screw holding the thread guide as you did. How did you eventually get it out? Does it need to come out for me to release the presser bar. I am so desperate. This is the last thing on this machine I need to do to get it sewing again. Thanks in advance.

    1. Oil and heat and repeat. Over and over again. Tri flow or Liquid Wrench are good for this application. Use a hair dryer.