Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Singer 301A

  1951 Singer 301A NA 441635

I worked on this machine today.  I have two mocha 301s.  I found this one this summer, it was the second 301 that I bought.  The first was a LBOW.  This one came as is.  With only the foot pedal and power cord.  It sews very well and even better now that I cleaned the motor.  Might have to sell this one. I have another and I  don't need two. The power cord is bake lite at both ends and the cord itself is in good shape though old.  If I feel ambitious I might put new wire on it.  The foot pedal is just fine as is...
Clean and shiny copper commutator

carbon motor brushes
When I cleaned the motor on the black 301 I failed to put the brushes back in correctly.  It made a bit of a chirpy noise when turning the handwheel.  I could not hear it when the motor was running but it did drive me nuts.  I started over and when I disassembled the motor I discovered that I had put the brushes in without aligning them correctly to curve of the commutator.  I thought I had.  I hadn't

You can see the curve on these brushes.  ( I do have both brush holders, don't worry).  The brushes have plenty of life left on them.  I did get these back in right.  Live and learn.

It is really sad that people are not sewing as much as in the past.  These great machines deserve to be used.  Even though this is a straight stitch only machine it sounds so smooth and sews so well.  I made a pouch for the foot pedal with it and I also made a roll up for some of my tools with it.


  1. I can't sew....I'm too busy adopting sewing machines!! =-) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks Michelle, You too. Have fun sewing. I will too, I promise...

  3. I'm sure I committed an atrocity or two, but...I finally got the motor (with the broken grease tube) out of my 301A!!! That dude did NOT want to come out. Here's my question. Is there a proper method to getting the brush holders out? I bent the top of the first one. I just didn't see how to do it except grab the top or push from the bottom. Pushing with a flat screwdriver was way too close to the commutator for my comfort. It's a good thing it has to be replaced or I'd be too afraid of doing damage. Luckily I didn't, but 'd like to know if there is a good way to get them out. Thanks! Debbie

    1. I think I just pried them out gently with a small blade screw driver.