Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ray White Class

I actually also video taped Ray explaining timing.  That helped me finally understand this concept.

We covered feed dog timing and hook timing and all the things that look like a timing problem but really are not a timing problem.   Needles, needle position,  bobbins, bobbin cases, thread, bobbin winding, did I mention needles?  Ray really likes Tri Flow as the only lubricant. Too much oil is worse than not enough oil.   Grease on gears and no grease is necessary on plastic gears (which Ray does not think are bad at all.  Some, of course are better than others) and if the machine sounds better after putting Tri flow grease on some plastic gear(s) well then, ok.  He is an advocate of compressed air from a compressor for cleaning the inside of the machine to blow out the lint and loose stuff.  ALWAYS TURN THE HANDWHEEL TOWARD YOU when working on a machine.  ALWAYS CHECK THE MACHINE BY HAND BEFORE  ANYTHING ELSE.  DO NOT GET OUT THE TOOLS UNTIL THE MACHINE TURNS FREELY.  Lube it up first, then start with the simple stuff.  The simplest is the needle.

More tomorrow.  I need my rest .