Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black 301

I have been coveting a Black 301 for a while and found one on Craigs List.  I am off to fetch it this afternoon.  Then I must ABSOLUTELY stop buying machines.  We lost the local election yesterday which means that, if horizontal gas drilling is permitted in NY, our town board won't fight it.  If gas drilling comes to our little town, we have to leave.  I am slowly approaching critical mass ( I think I have said that before)  but this is serious.  Who wants to move 70 sewing machines?
Looking East from the top of our hill


  1. I'd rather move 70 sewing machines than all the other stuff! =-)

  2. Dear Elizabeth,
    Happy dance over the 301 (can't wait to see it!)
    but so very sad for you about the election and possible drilling.
    Be well.