Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I forgot that Mom reads the Blog from time to time.  I have not truly confessed to her how many sewing machines I have.  She is pretty appalled at the whole idea of having more than one machine and a serger.  So when she emailed me this morning and all she wrote was  70!!!!!  I knew that I was busted.  She taught me to sew and hence, is remotely responsible for this crazy affliction I have.  When I go to see her in December she has promised me her serger "To add to your collection."
I love my mother with all of my heart.  She is a beautiful, strong woman who taught me the importance of honesty and integrity and has always loved me...no matter how many sewing machines, or dogs,  I have had over my life.....


  1. She's surprised at the #70, but then adds to the obsession...I love it!! HAHA!

    You know...I always "tell" on myself too. Way to Go Mom!