Friday, November 4, 2011

Ray White Class Friday

I left the camera at the class room today.  So, I don't have any photos from  today.  We were all very, very intent and purposeful.  Yesterday, our first day on our own, was filled with laughter and excitement.  Today, we were more serious.  Certainly I accomplished more.  Since I knew what to do to check out the Beige and Maroon Elna Supermatic today I set right to that task.  The "flat" on its friction wheel was not as pronounced on it as it was on the Green Elna.  Ray suggested that I just GENTLY  hold an emery board against the friction wheel at the proper angle and run the motor.  That would allow me to file the rubber down and eliminate the grinding noise.  Well, it did rather work.  I think it would be best to replace the friction wheel if I were to ever sew with that machine.

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