Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Black 301

I just love this machine.  It is in very nice condition.  At first I thought that it hadn't been used much but after I got into oiling and cleaning it, I can see the evidence of use.

It needs new wiring.  The power and foot controller are wired just like my 221 so I already have experience wiring that.  I do need to get a new plug since the original plug has soldered connections.  I was able to run this machine today and "stitched it in".   At first I had trouble with the tension and I could here the thread catching underneath somewhere.  Using my new skills as a  Ray White "certified" sewing machine technician, I isolated the problem to the needle plate springs. I was able to adjust the one that was catching the thread and now it seems to stitch just fine.

   I had the motor out today and cleaned the commutator and checked the brushes. 
Dirty commutator

Clean commutator.
 I learned how to take out and clean this style of motor this past spring.  It is just like the motor on my 401.  Every time I work on a motor like this I think of Ray Waganka, one of the moderators/owners of We Fix It a yahoo group.  He passed on this past summer.  I cried.  I never knew the man but I got to "know" him through his posts on We Fix It.  When I brought the motor.  I was afraid  that I would bung it all up.  He advised that it was not that hard and that I could try it myself.  He was right. Every time I work on this kind of motor I think of him.  His kind encouragement helped me learn a new skill.

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