Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wonder Under

It is winter here, AGAIN.  I did walk the dogs this morning but that was the extent of my venturing outside.  Instead, I sewed all day.  What a joy.

I used a 1940 Singer 201-2.
 Singer 1940 201-2 FOR SALE

I would have used the 201 treadle but I wanted to be warm.  The heat is downstairs. The treadle is upstairs.   ( I wonder if I can move that treadle stand downstairs before Steven gets home?  Hmmmm  I might have to enlist some outside help)

I made three tote bags.  You can tell I am hungry for spring.  That fabric is so bright.  The draw string bag in the middle of the photo was the inspiration for the pattern.

 Last night I was almost asleep on the couch.  I felt like a slug.  I had to do something productive so I went upstairs (it was warm up there, the furnace had been on.) rummaged through some scraps and made that draw string bag.  I like the little bit of color that shows through on the edge.

I had the tote bag fabric from our trip to Osgood's last August.  It was on sale at the already discounted warehouse.   I also found a BOLT of Wonder Under that we had nabbed at an estate sale last spring.  Betsy and I had both forgotten about it.  She loves the stuff and now I know why.  You can make anything fusible without adding weight to the fabric.   I fused old polyester sheet/blankets to the lining fabric to give the tote some heft.  It worked great.  It was CHEAP since we got the whole bolt for 5 bucks and the sheet/blankets were 50 cents each at another estate sale.  

Now all I have to do is remember how I made them and I will be all set....

The 201 sewed beautifully.  It is for sale.  I have two others, not including the 201 treadle.  I only need one 201-2.  I feel very good about this machine.  The motor is strong and quiet.  I re-wired the motor leads in January and serviced the motor completely. I even named it.

And after today I became a bit more attached to it.  Still, I cannot keep four 201s.  Gotta move some machines along.  It sure was a pleasure to use. 

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  1. Have noticed that you are very attracted to !!!Bright!!! fabrics all seasons of the year.