Monday, March 11, 2013

201-3 Transformation continued

When working on these old sewing machines, I find that patience really pays off.  Some screws are tight and will not budge.  My favorite penetrant is acetone mixed with ATF fluid.  It is very stinky and I am forbidden to use it in the winter.  Something about my liver,  my brain, my lungs.  Betsy has admonished me to never use it inside.  I love her so I will obey. (No, that is not a wedding vow.)

With the 201-3 I simply used some Tri-Flow Superior lubricant and applied heat and then waited. 

When I thought it was "ripe" I used my Chapman screw driver bit being very careful to hold the driver as vertically as I could.  Then applying downward pressure I turned left.  (Not hard to do since I am practically a socialist, believing in universal Health Care and all)

I felt just the slightest give and then it freed up. 

OOOHHH Baby, look how gunked up it is in there.
I did have to prise the hook off of the shaft.  I did, ever so gently.
Then I enjoyed some serious endorphins as I cleaned up these here parts.
 Now this hook does not look as clean as it is. Some of that is stain.  I tried buffing it out with the honing stick.  No luck.  Since my goal is function, not beauty, I called it good.
And put the hook back where it belongs.  Isn't that pretty?

Cleaning the bobbin case was just as satisfying.  It too was stained but I managed to clean it up and get that icky lint out of the nooks and crannies. 
Then of course I had to clean the retaining clip and put it back on. It is a bit tricky to do.  The most important thing to remember is that you MUST get the clip in correctly or the machine will not sew. Here I am demonstrating the Rain method of retaining clip re-installation.

If you want to read the original description (and I advise you to do so) go here:

All clean and shiny.  Don't forget to put the oil in the race before you put the bobbin case in.  It really needs it.

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