Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For Henry

I had an email from a reader who requested photos of the underside of my Singer 31-15 treadle table.   I love to lie on my back and take photos so this was a fantastic opportunity to do one of my favorite things.

Honestly, I had forgotten that the table has a leaf in the back.  When I use this machine I don't really put that back leaf up.  I have plenty of room for my projects.  I am so grateful to Henry for reminding me about this feature.  Next big quilt I make I will use this machine.  What a big workspace!
 This table has been refinished and there is a bit of a bind in the mechanism.  I did not want to force it so I opened it as far as I could.  Truthfully, it needs work.  Cleaning and oiling.  I oiled it some tonight.  It needs more.

The end leaf simply lifts up and is stablilized with a brace.  To drop the leaf the brace lifts up a bit and slides under the table.

The back leaf lifts up and slides on metal rods until the bracket is in position.

OK so you can see that the leaf could move a bit more.  But I am not about to force anything this old. 


  1. Wow! Great Table. I love a big project set up.

  2. You can also see those hinges are not the original (intended?) ones, they sould be larger/longer. Please, if you oil tabletops do it also on the underside of the top. Modern houses are much warmer then in old times, wood dries out much quicker and by only oiling the upside of the table you might make the wood warp just a little bit by drying out quicker on the underside then on the oiled upside. This does not aply to the compartments of a sewing machine, they are closed off grom free flowing air. Maybe just oil the inside of the lid of the small utensils/parts compartment. If you have only one key to the case try to get it duplicated (two keys being made) and keep one with your important other keys or insurancepapers. A screwdriver might work, but what if it does not? Reina

    1. The table top has poly on it, I am sure. I was referring to the metal mechanism. YOu are right, though. I will apply something to the underside of the wooden table top to prevent warpage.