Sunday, March 17, 2013


I thought we had a Rockateer.  The Singer 500 looks rather like a rocket and earned the name Rockateer, because of that.  We actually have a 503 which looks very similar but it isn't the same.  It is a zig zag machine that take top hat cams.  It's hand wheel has a fiber gear but the cushion spring is different.

I misidentified (or misremembered, don't know which.  Love this 7th decade) the machine we have as a Rockateer in the previous post.  Not so.

Since it is a parts machine, I don't have a photo of it whole.  Here is one I found from the internet

Here is a photo of the 500

So they look very similar and I called the 503 the Rockateer.  I guess the 500 is the true Rockateer.

When discussing sewing machine repair, or any topic for that matter, nomenclature means a lot.  I make an effort to identify parts by name.  Not thingie or gizmo or whatitsname.  So I wanted to clarify my mistake.  This blog is meant to help folks figure out this wonderful world of vintage  sewing machine repair and use.  So I want it to be right.


  1. I call both of the 500 series machines, Rocketeers. I think you are still correct! ;)

  2. Love your blog. Enjoying the fabulous pictures and information you provide on these vintage beauties. Wanted to Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is much appreciated.

  3. I had always been led to believe that Rocketeer was an affectionate nick name used by collectors rather than an official Singer model designation. I had assumed it was used to refer to any of 500 series. I love the blog by the way.