Monday, March 4, 2013

Am I sad?

No, not really.  Last week when I checked the Asheville CL in preparation for my return trip I saw a FW(Singer 221) listed.  I figured if it was still listed when I got here I would check it out.   Two days ago I saw that it was.   I was encouraged and thought that maybe I would be able to fetch another machine while I was here.  Today, the day I was ready to call about it, the listing was gone.  Saved from myself.  The photo was lousy and I don't honestly remember if it included the "box" but I think it did.  The only reason I considered it AT ALL was because its commission date was 1953.  I sort of thought it would be cool to have a sewing machine commissioned the same year that I was born.  Oh yeah, I also had a dream that it included the penguin walking foot.  DREAM ON.

Oh well.  I have three FWs and we all know I don't need yet another sewing machine.  In fact, I would like to unload about three more 201s, a 403A, a 404A, a 319W, a couple of 66s (Red heads) and some Kenmores.  I have a Pfaff  230 I really need to service and get out the door along with a Riccar that I am willing to practically give away.  There are definitely some boat anchors that I can scrap, as well.

"Scrap is 280 a ton, honey" I was informed.

But I can't stop looking.   Is it a sickness? 


  1. Sickness? No, no, we're just feeding a case of anemia with the correct antidote: iron. I've given away machines to all of my nieces who will take them and I STILL have machines piled on machines. And, I am on the look out for a Kenmore 1410. Dang it!

  2. Some years ago I was obsessed with the idea of finding a featherweight whose birthday was close to mine. I finally won one on eBay at a reasonable price ... but that birthdate really didn't make up for the problems it had. Lesson learned.

  3. Then there's Leno's collection. Does anyone worry that obsession? Gathering sewing machines seems quite benign by comparison.

  4. Nah, more like a rescue mission. So many of these machines still have lots of life left and just need a good home and a little TLC. How's that for justification? :)

    Maybe it's just our age. 1953 was a very good year for me as well.

  5. I love your blog and I am not sure if I have commented before. If collecting sewing machines is a sickness, then I have been struck down with it too!!! I can't stop looking, even though I don't have space or the dollars for anymore machines. I just love to look at them! I'd love a 404 as I haven't had one of those. I'll have to keep an eye out for one of yours if you list it.
    Thank you for writing such a great blog.