Sunday, March 17, 2013

Noisy Treadle

I had only two goals, yesterday.  OK, three.  Put the coil spring belt on the 201K, finish the data entry for the sewing machine inventory and clean up the dog pen.  I was very disciplined.  I finished the data entry as I had coffee in front of a nice cozy fire

 Then I walked the dogs.  As long as I was all bundled up (it is still cold sap is running this week) I cleaned up after the dogs.

OK NOW I can get to my tinkering. 

I discovered that I bought a 1/4 inch coil spring belt.  Leather belts for domestic treadles are 3/16.  I knew that. I forgot (oh how I love this seventh decade !!!). Anyway, it fit the 237 but I could not see how it would fit under the belt guard on the 201.  But first I had to determine whether the tools I had would cut the stuff.

I traipsed out to the shop and found my nippers and my wire cutters that I use for fencing.  The nippers worked fine.  I cut one little section off and tried out the connector.  Perfect.  Then I set to my task at hand, measuring and cutting to the actual length.

I decided that I would use the coil spring belt on the 237 since it clearly fit that machine.  I so wanted to get the 201 up and running today, but also wanted to play with this coil spring belt.  I had seen a you tube video about it a couple years ago.  Of course I wanted to try it, too.

I threaded the belt through the treadle and around the handwheel and estimated my length.  SNIP.  I put the connector in, (it just twists in, easy peasy) and TOO LONG.  OK, well better that than too short.  This stuff wasn't cheap and I still don't know how much McMaster Carr charged me for shipping.

Once I had it fitted and attached, I tried it out.  A bit noisy but I fiddled with the machine support and adjusted it enough to quiet everything down.

I was pretty thrilled.  The machine pops in and out easily.  I thought, what the heck, try the 201.  I slipped the handwheel off to get the belt around the bobbin winder.  It worked but it was very noisy.  I wondered if a spoke wheel would fit better.  It didn't.  I have some adjusting to do.  I think I can shim it over enough to get the wee little bit of clearance I need.

I have put leather belts on the other treadles. In fact yesterday I spent some time poking a  hole through a leather belt and fitting it to the 201K in another cabinet.  It was tricky getting the hole in the right spot and then getting the staple through.  Setting up the coil spring was easier.

I think I can get it less noisy.  If worse comes to worse, I will get another belt and mount it in the other treadle stand out in the shop.


  1. Is the coil spring belting cheaper than the leather? Other than being easier to connect the ends, what is the benefit of using the spring instead of leather? What about the metal belt rubbing against the metal groove for it on the handwheel - how does it not begin the wear away the groove?

    1. No, leather is cheaper. But time is money and if it takes longer to install, then,.....
      The spring is jut that, a spring. So if you want to pop a machine out you just pull and it easily slips off and you can use different sized machines in the same treadle. For the 306/319 you can simply tip the machine back without disengaging the machine to access the bobbin case. I will install a rubber band on the hand wheel to reduce friction on the hand wheel. Just gotta find one big enough (TWSS)