Friday, March 29, 2013

It's a start

I decided to get some shelves for the shop.  I had been shopping on line and found some at Home Depot; wire shelves which reportedly hold 600 pounds per shelf.

I showed them to Steven.

"What's wrong with some two by fours and a sheet of plywood?"

"You will have to build it."

"Yes, so..."



He went out to the shop to work on the car.  I answered a CL ad about a Singer 404.  It had a case and I want that case for Genn's machine.  I left a message.  The seller called back rather quickly and  we made arrangements to meet at about one PM.

We met the guy at the designated public place and I bought the machine.  That is another story.  Since we were right around the corner from Home Depot, we went to look at shelves and I bought some. Not the ones I had been looking at on line.  No, these are HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH.    To my surprise, as soon as we got home Steven decided we should set them up.

"You clear out where you want to put them and I will start putting them together."

"OK, but Honey, I need you to help me figure out where to put them if you don't want me to put them too close to the stove pipe."

He came into the shop looked around, looked around some more and abruptly left

"I can't take it.  You have to decide.  It is too gross for me.  When you start piling stuff floor to's just too much."

He did put the shelves together.
I loaded them up.

I do wish I had photos of his shop.  He has shelves that extend from floor to ceiling for his tools and his nuts and bolts and fasteners.  What he doesn't have is sewing machine cabinets piled upside down on top of each other with boxes pf packing materials piled on top of the cabinets. 

I admit that this is a very messy corner.  Selling the Singer #42 cabinet will help.  I will list it on eBay as a local pick up tomorrow.  Oh, maybe not.  I will have to take the treadle stand off of it so that I can take photos.  I think I would rather sew. Or fix the Pfaff.


  1. Great choice for shelves. I like white shelves because they disappear and don't make things darker. I have Rustoleum spray painted them at times, but only when it is warm out. Love looking at the machines on them. Have been sewing on the treadle- scrap quilts- like a log cabin with a huge variety of colors, scraps. It sews wonderful. I wonder what other treadle machines sew like. Would love to see your shop. I did get the 301s to loosen up and release the clutch to wind bobbins. Heat and light smacking. One was gunked up on the shaft, the other-the gear full of hard peanut butter like goo, and the last a combo. Do some sewing!

    1. YOu are welcome to visit anytime.... Glad that you got the 301s loose. Old, dried oil mixed with dirt can act like varnish....I can tell you that my 201 treadle is a dream. I love the 237 as a treadle, too. While I am fond of the little "two step" the VS treadles take, I like the stitches on a round bobbin machine better. Supposedly, though, a Free treadle is the best. I have one. I just have to get to it. Time to make a list....

  2. Wow. Your shelving unit packed away quite a few sewing machines! Only one unit? ;)

  3. Perhaps you could gently suggest that installing another unit would prevent the need to do so much unstacking in future. As long as you're going to need to unstack anyway to take a picture so you can CL a cabinet, you may as well get the new unit immediately so as not to duplicate effort by restacking and unstacking again.

  4. Steve's shop looks great. Think you need one as big as his. AND, he is a good sport. I'm pretty sure my hubby would NOT put some shelves together for me (unless I wanted to wait a month ..or 2 or ...more).

    1. You are right. He is a good sport. You should see the house. I have sewing stuff all over. As soon as spring is here I will be sewing out in the sewing loft again. I cannot wait....

  5. Tamar That is a good idea. The problem? I cannot gently suggest.....I try, but I fail.....Never too late to learn, though.

  6. The shelves are nice & deep. The sewing machines fit perfectly.
    You're inspiring me to get organized too :-)