Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I made that list of all the sewing machines.  Now I am entering the information into a spread sheet.  It won't surprise any of you when I confess that I have forgotten where and when I acquired some machines.  The nice thing about spreadsheets is that you can manipulate the data.  I have 84 machines entered.  I have about 20 to go.  (I found about three or four more machines that I had not counted on the original list. Including the 201K that is in North Carolina).

For fun I added up the grand total of what I had paid.

"Three Thousand three hundred fifty four dollars and fifty cents.  And that includes the 2200 dollar Viking."


Why he thought that was so funny, I will never know.  

"It doesn't include the Baily. I don't remember what I paid for that."

"I think it was a couple of thousand, honey."

"Oh, really?  Maybe not so much."

Somewhere I have the receipt for it.  I meant to look today but got distracted with data entry, vacuuming  and packing a 201-2 for shipping.  

We are heading back to NC on Friday.  Our dog sitter is one of the loveliest people in the world and she would not give a hoot if the house was a mess.  But I did have to make a meager effort at tidying up. 

"Are there rules about wiping dog paws when they come in from outside?" she asked when Steven called her to confirm.


We have no rules about dog paws.  We accept that dogs will track in stuff and poodle dogs track in more stuff when their paws are ungroomed.  Like now.  I did grind their nails down.  I just haven't had time to groom any dogs.  Maybe in April.


  1. You are a braver woman than I. I might do a spread sheet showing my equipment, I even might put prices ( accessed by secret code that I would promptly forget), but I would never ever show DH the total. Not in a million years.
    Fun blog, I found it doing a search for a specific sewing machine. How appropriate! :)
    Kennie, 158.14301

  2. And did you account for your travel expenses, shipping expenses and time in acquiring these specimens? I've found that "goin and gettin it" is sometimes more costly than the machine itself- - but I live out in the middle of nowhere, so I always have travel expenses - even to get a bottle of milk.

  3. We do not count the Viking as it is not vintage!!
    And in reality if you sell it, you will get back close to what you have have spent on most of the rest...
    A movie costs what and only last two hours? A $25 machine provides 10 hours worth of entertainment, easily. And the satisfaction is priceless.
    Maybe its a housekeeping issue, but your pups still look good long and curly. But then I'm a fan of long and curly ;)

  4. Vintage or not, it is a sewing machine and must be counted. Yes, long and curly is good. I am reluctant to sell the Viking. But you are right. I can get some good cash money for it !