Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Want to guess what sewing machine is in there?

Here is a little hint...

Yes it is a Singer 301A. It is getting ready for shipping. I find that plastic wrap is a wonderful tool.  I like to position the movable parts in the lowest position.  That means the take up lever needs to get tucked in the machine in its lowest position, as if the needle were all the way down.  BUT if you do that and DON'T secure the hand wheel, up comes the take up lever and is at risk for breaking during shipping.  So I tucked the TUL into its "nest" and then wrapped plastic wrap around the needle bar area and then wrapped the whole machine with the plastic wrap securing the hand wheel.  Then I stuffed some bubble wrap on top of the tension assembly and wrapped more "Cling" TM plastic wrap around the whole kitnkaboodle. 

The cocoon is now nestled into its inner box which is nestled into its outer box waiting for re-birth at its new home. 

I am very fussy with packaging my machines for shipping.  It is a tedious task but so important.  I want to make sure nothing happens to the machine en route.  It's all about preserving history, for me.


  1. EXACTLY why I don't ship, lol! How many hours does it take you to pack one? You have done a splendid job.

  2. It took me about two hours to pack it. Maybe more. Hard to say. I had to trek out to the shop a couple of times to get materials.

  3. Seems to me there are some shippers that could learn a thing or three from you! I've gotten UPS/FED-EX packages that haven't been so well wrapped! I'm sure that the person receiving this will be duly impressed! And happy that their package is all in one piece! I've read a lot of blogs lately where people have received things that are not intact at all when they arrive!

  4. Can't wait for this cocoon to be my new butterfly!