Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sewing Inside

It is winter here in the Northeast.  It gets cold.  My sewing loft is in an outbuilding and while I have a lovely little Jotul wood stove, I can't get it warm enough after work in the evening to go out there to sew.

"I've been thinking." said I to Steven the other day. "What do you want to do with the bed in the front bedroom?"

"Sleep in it."

"No, I mean, really."

"We need it for guests. We can't really give up a double bed. Why?"

"I need a place to sew in the house, evenings."

"Honey, you have sewing machines and sewing stuff all over this house.  Why do you need to take over a guest room?  We don't have enough sleeping space as it is when everyone comes."

"Well, you have a room special just for your bike trainer."

"Yes and we always set up a bed in there when the kids come."

"I want to be able to sew after work.  I think it will keep me off the computer...."

"OK, well, why don't you set up in the foyer.  You can use the dining room table for cutting and the sewing machine will fit right in front of the door.  You will be warmer there because it is near the stove and the light is pretty good.  You can use the bench for storage."

"Well, all right.  I will try it.  But you will have to clear your stuff off of the table."

"Right, let's see, this is mine, this is mine, that is yours, that is yours, that is yours, that is yours, that is yours, that is..."

"All right, already.  I get it."

So today, after I vacuumed and did laundry I set up the recently refinished Singer Cabinet # 42 in the house.  Right next to the "office" (the briefcase and scarf on the chair).  Frannie isn't too sure about this idea.

I am happy with the out come.  (Gee I sound like a Health care provider....Oh wait...)  Even the patch doesn't look so awful now.

With a machine installed, it looks quite classy
1941 Singer 201-2
So tonight I sewed.  I made an apron with it.  This 201 is for sale.  It is a nice machine though it isn't perfect cosmetically.  There are a few dings on the machine bed.  Still the decals are not worn in front of the needle the way some of these machines are.  I have three others for sale, too.  Gotta move some machines out.

Next project I will use one of the other 201s.  I always like to sew a project with each machine.  Just test stitching on a small piece of fabric never gives me a sense of how the machine really works.  This one is very nice.   Stitches are nice and consistent.  It will work for another 72 years easily.  My electronic Viking, I'm not so sure.


  1. Elizabeth, I've been following your blog for a while and really enjoying it. I do pretty much the same - I collect, repair & restore, and keep or give away vintage sewing machines. I'm in love with them! I, too, have run out of room. I just "sold" (for about $10 each) 2 #42 cabinets. I really only had them because I wanted the machines that came in them, but they are such beautiful desks! I SO wanted to do exactly what you did, but didn't have it in me, so they went to new homes. I hope they will be half as well loved as yours is!

    Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning! It makes my heart happy to see how you have breathed new life into that lovely vintage piece. Keep up the good work, love the blog.

    1. Thank you! It was a project but I just kept at it. I admit that I only put two coats of poly on the inside of the top pieces and I did not sand them with 320 and wax them the way I did the rest of the cabinet. I was READY to be done.

      We are lucky to have such a great hobby.