Sunday, February 24, 2013


I have counted all of my machines at one time and another.  Back when I had only 12 (November 2010) I could tally them in my head. I remembered where each one came from, how much I paid and each story of the acquisition.

Today I wrote down each machine's make and model, serial number if I could see one or if it had one, date acquired and  comments.

I have exactly one hundred machines. 

Most work, some are parts machines (only five, so far).  Too many need attention and servicing.     I have forgotten when I got many of the machines.   I estimated dates and, since I rarely pay a lot for a machine I also estimate cost.  The real bargains I remember as well as the over priced silly purchases.  The factual  information may be retrievable.  I took pictures so I may be able to figure out dates.  Only one is a mystery machine.  It is a Singer 27 vibrating shuttle.  It is possible that it is the machine that belongs in the treadle cabinet that went back to Betsy.

Will I stop at 100?  Nope, not a chance. 


  1. Atta girl! I'm not inventorying mine, but I think I may be in the 30's for a count. :)

  2. Well apparently there are quite a few of us - haven't counted mine either, but...???? I think it's well over 100. Hoping it doesn't get as obsessive as this:

  3. I suggest an inventory album on Picasa. Then you have a visual index as well.

    1. Brilliant idea. However, it is much easier to look at a machine and write a little note on a piece of paper and then enter the data into the computer. I am all about easy when I am trying to organize 100 plus machines in a list.

  4. I guess I am just a beginner as I only have 14. All Singers; eight 500s,four 503s, one 401, and a featherweight