Monday, February 11, 2013

Should I or Shouldn't I?

I am traveling to NC on Wednesday for a long weekend visit with my mother.  Of course I checked the local Craigs List near her town.  I found one of my dream machines.  A Singer 201-3 with the belted motor.  I can convert it to a treadle.

The 201-3 looks like a 201-2 with the light in back and a belted motor.  The round stitch plate and the tension assembly on the machine, not the face plate (15-91) make it a 201-3.  Wish I had a photo.  Maybe I will next week.

Of course I will contact the seller.  Tonight.  Some how I will figure out a way to get it home.
I have been wanting a 201 that I can covert to treadle.  You know, for end times. 

After sewing with 201-2s this past weekend I would love to have a treadle 201.  I probably don't really need it.  My 31-15 likely will sew through leather.  If I don't get it,  I don't get it. 

Still, how do I explain it to my heart?


 For a little movie about how great the 201-2 sews through not leather but through leather like check out :


  1. it's ok to just get it! I have a singer 237 as a treadle machine. I took the motor off and put the light back on with a cord so if I want to I can have light even though I have no motor except the treadle. I liked this machine because it did a straight stitch and a zig zag.
    My children like to treadle and "sew" without thread on sheets of notebook paper. They think it is fun to try to "sew" along the lines.

    1. Perhaps it isn't so easy to see, but my Blog cover photo is a Singer 237 in a treadle stand. I love to treadle, too. Oh there's a song title.

  2. Catching up with my reading, just read your last several posts. I really enjoyed seeing your studio and other sewing spaces.

    Hope you get the 201-3. I think just trying it out is reason enough to buy it, if the price is right. I can justify almost any sewing machine purchase, just ask if you need help, lol!

  3. UPDATE Appointment tomorrow to look at the 201-3. Oh my heart be STILL

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