Sunday, February 10, 2013

Singer 201-2 Quilts !

Did I mention that I have five 201-2s?  Four of them are for sale.  I am trying to figure out which four.   I made an apron with the 1941 201-2 on Wednesday.  It is a lovely machine and is listed for sale now on the website.
As you know, yesterday I sewed on the 301A .  It is NFS.  The one I used last weekend is listed.

Every time Betsy and I talk about selling machines, I have a little palpitation or two and feel some weird twinge somewhere near my heart.  Really, I do.  I think it is because I hate to let these machines go.  I love them all.  Truth is, they are machines and need to be used.  If I hang onto them, they will only need service again in 6 months and I do not want to be a slave to my hobby.  It is supposed to be fun.  Just the same......OUCH.

So today I decided to test out another 201-2. This is actually the one that I was having so much trouble getting to stitch decently.  Not so now.  I used it all day and made a very nice quilted tote bag.  I was amazed that I did not need a walking foot to quilt the sandwich layers of quilting cotton, batting and quilting cotton.

 As a matter of fact, I did not even consider getting the walking foot out.  I  just started quilting the sandwich.  My intention was to make a tote bag.  I cut out the three pieces 18 by 39 and quilted them together never thinking that the raw edges would show on the inside when I stitched it together.  And what about the straps?  I figured out the strap problem by adding some contrasting fabric to the top. Likewise, I wrapped the raw edges with some cotton before I sewed the whole thing together.  It was pretty labor intensive and I doubt I will ever make another.  I  am happy with the results. I feel pretty virtuous, though.  This machine used to give me fits.  Now it is sewing beautifully.  I can let it go.  Such is the nature of sewing machine obsession.  The flame only lasts so long.


  1. I know exactly the feelings of which you speak!

  2. Very snappy display box for the first 201!!